Australian Custom Engagement Ring Manufacturing
  • Safety:  Protecting you from costly mistakes with professional custom ring design & diamond-selection support.

  • Intelligent Advice:  Saving you stress and research-time with specialist insider-advice beyond the 4C’s.

  • Relief:  Feeling the relief that goes with knowing you’ve got-it-right, giving you one less thing to worry about.

  • Regarding Price: We directly compete with Michael Hill & Wallace Bishop, and beat them both, all-day-every-day on price, for the equivalent quality item, because we don’t have the overheads of Westfield shopping centre rents. On average, we charge 20% less than all the shopping centre jewellery stores, and in many cases, much more than 20% less.

  • Regarding Range: We have the Intellectual property rights to 200,000+ jewellery designs. So if you can’t find what you want on the website; send James and the team an email and you can be confident they’ll help you.

  • Regarding Access: Beautiful Gems & Jewellery has sophisticated access to the international diamond market. We can call-up 600,000+ diamonds on the computer screen within seconds, and with privileged access to DeBeers Siteholders, that translates into a very good deal for our clients who are reading this right now; particularly if you need some diamonds.

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