How Much Does a 1ct Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Cost?

(If you are looking for available loose GIA diamonds then you can find them on our website at this location: BG&J LOOSE DIAMONDS.)

The question of “How much does a 1ct diamond engagement ring cost?” or a similar question, is one we are very familiar with answering here at Beautiful Gems and Jewellery. And the simple answer is that it’s cost is in exact accordance with its characteristics. What people really mean is how much are ‘you’ selling a 1ct diamond for? And by comparing the answer to other shops you can figure out if you’re getting gouged, or getting an awesome deal. Wise plan I say.

Here are some of our answers to the question:

A loose 1ct E colour, SI1 clarity, GIA Certified Diamond will cost $7820. At today’s (3Jan2020) gold and US dollar exchange rates.

Here’s another answer; a loose 1ct G colour, VS1 clarity, GIA Certified Diamond will cost $9650. At today’s (3Jan2020) rates.

There are so many directions that the answer can go in, we usually ask one or a few clarifying questions to make sure we give you the answer you are looking for. For example, are you asking “How much does a 1ct diamond (loose, by itself) cost?”, or a “How much does a 1ct diamond ‘engagement ring’ cost?”, and is that a ring of Total Diamond Weight of 1ct?, or do you mean just the center stone of 1ct diamond size? See, there are lots of variables to getting the answer right. Don’t worry, we have your back, and will help make it real simple for you with the next few tips. 

What 2 BIG Factors Affect 1ct Diamond Prices?

Let’s get to the facts.

The 2 big factors that affect the price of diamonds is the 4-C’s (which our well-researched buyers generally already know all about) and their purchase location (and we’ll get to that further down this page). 

Are the differences between all the grades priced the same?

No. The rules of thumb are that:

  • Diamond prices increase with diamond SIZE (largest being most valuable).
  • Diamond prices increase with diamond COLOUR (colourless being most valuable).
  • Diamond prices increase with diamond CLARITY (clearest being most valuable).
  • Diamond prices increase with diamond CERTIFICATION (GIA is the highest standard).

The KEY to getting great value with your purchase is to understand that the price changes for these 4-C’s are NOT linear. This means that there is a sweet-spot combination between size, colour, clarity, certification where you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Locating that sweet-spot is where the skill and experience of your jeweller is demonstrated. 

How much does the price change when changing the clarity of a diamond?

Here is a regular retail diamond price (US$) comparison chart for just 4 combinations of colour/clarity:

Best 1ct Diamond Engagement Ring Prices*Chart prices are displayed in US Dollars (NOT Australian Dollars)

**Please note that this chart does not represent our prices here at Beautiful Gems and Jewellery, and is shown for illustrative purposes to explain how price changes with colour and clarity as size increases. 

How much 1ct diamond engagement ring costs in Australia Is Also About “Where” You Get Them

One of the biggest things affecting the price you pay for your diamond is actually ‘where’ you get it from. Meaning, if you’re browsing the high-street retail outlets in every city CBD, or Westfield’s etc, then it’s actually you that pays for that expensive real estate rental embedded within the price of your diamond ring. If the ‘where’ you get it from is a specialist online diamond store like us then you’re extra ‘real-estate-mark-up’ within the price of your diamond will be very low. It’s common sense really. And to that end we’re happy to help you with our free price comparison service. If you’d like to compare the price of a particular diamond that you have been looking at then simply send us the details through our jewellery store contact page and we’ll get back to you with the latest prices, factoring in the current gold and currency exchange rates. That way you’ll immediately know if you have a bargain in front of you and you should grab it before someone else does, or if you’ll save a few hundred, or even a few thousand by continuing your search elsewhere.

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