Diamond Engagement Ring Jeweller James E Pateman_2Beautiful Gems & Jewellery is an Authority in Custom Diamond Jewellery, specialising in Engagement & Wedding Rings in diamond sizes of 1ct to 5cts+. Our regular clients enjoy preferred access to our Wholesale Diamond Databases on request and by appointment. The company maintains a Head Office located in Mudgeeraba (Gold Coast hinterland district) and our online-only jewellery store serves a large Australian client base in addition to international gemstone buyers. 

Beautiful Gems & Jewellery is 100% Australian owned & operated, and we’re passionate about ensuring you enjoy the high quality and unmatched service that distinction implies. Founded in 1996 by the Pateman family in Melbourne, 2016 marked our 20th anniversary, and we’re proud to offer higher quality and lower prices than you’ll find in shopping centers or CBD stores.  

We think you will notice that impressive quality as soon as you begin to browse our considerable selection of jewellery, including diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, precious sapphire rings and gorgeous keepsakes. If you haven’t yet, please take your time exploring our selection of luxurious jewellery – we think you’ll find something absolutely perfect for your special occasion!

  • Professional gemstone specialists for 25+ years, Beautiful Gems & Jewellery’s head office is located in Mudgeeraba (Gold Coast hinterland district) and we service the local area, including Brisbane and a large customer base in Sydney and Melbourne through our online jewellery store.

  • Our regular long-term clients who’ve been with us for many years know all about how we operate to provide awesome value on 1-3ct diamonds. For our new patrons, we often find ourselves explaining how things work here at Beautiful Gems & Jewellery (BG&J), so we’ve put a few words together here to help with understanding how we finesse the world of international diamond supply.

  • We Provide Safety:  Protecting you from costly mistakes with professional custom ring design & diamond-selection support.

    We Provide Intelligent Advice:  Saving you stress and research-time with specialist insider-advice beyond the 4C’s.

    We Provide Relief:  You’ll feel the relief that goes with knowing you’ve got-it-right, giving you one less thing to worry about.

  • Regarding Price:You can get your loose diamonds from us for thousands of dollars less than standard retailers…See some 1ct-3ct GIA certified diamonds here. We compete with all major shopping center Jewellers and we beat them all-day and every-day on price. For the equivalent quality item, because we don’t have the overheads of Westfield shopping center rents, on average we charge 20% less than all the shopping center jewellery stores. In many cases, much more than 20% less. Giving you value and quality.

  • Regarding Range: We have the Intellectual property rights to 300,000+ jewellery designs. So if you can’t find what you want on the website; send James and the team an email and you can be confident they’ll help you.

  • Regarding Access: Beautiful Gems & Jewellery has sophisticated access to the international diamond market. We can call-up 700,000+ diamonds on the computer screen within seconds, and with privileged access to DeBeers Siteholders, that translates into a very good deal for our clients who are reading this right now; particularly if you need some diamonds.

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The Beautiful Gems & Jewellery Difference

Beautiful Gems & Jewellery is more than just a diamond ring and sapphire ring vendor: we have operated our own precious gemstone mining operations in Australia. We source only the best sapphires locally from mines in New South Wales and Queensland, and the finest diamonds from the most trusted local and international suppliers.

Our unique experience and passion for the most beautiful, alluring and precious gemstones provides us a perspective our customers find remarkable: we approach fine jewellery from a standpoint of admiration and romance, and we allow our love of great natural beauty to inform our choices in design, which emphasise purity, elegance and enduring loveliness.

Being so intimately involved in sourcing our gemstones allows us to pass along to you one more attractive benefit: lack of a middle man means no mark up from mine to design studio, and we are delighted to pass along that cost savings to you. It’s one reason Beautiful Gems & Jewellery is able to offer you gorgeous Diamond Rings and lavish, designer inspired sapphire rings at surprisingly affordable prices.

Please Let Us Help You Choose the Perfect Luxury Jewellery

Another thing you will notice is our attentive, courteous, professional and knowledgeable customer service. If you have any questions, need advice or have special instructions for the perfect and unique gemstone ring, please contact us directly and one of our ring consultants will assist you. We are proud to offer a personal service touch you can’t find anywhere else – thrilling you is a privilege we hold dear!

Life’s most significant, romantic and enduring occasions demand the finest jewellery to mark them. We look forward to helping you find the perfect gift for your special day.

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