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Beautiful Gems & Jewellery is an online-only 100% Australian owned & operated family business; and we’re passionate about ensuring you enjoy the high quality and unmatched service that distinction implies. Founded in 1996 by the Pateman family in Melbourne, 2016 marked our 20th anniversary.

We think you will notice that impressive quality as soon as you begin to browse our considerable selection of jewellery, including diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, precious sapphire rings and gorgeous keepsakes. If you haven’t yet, please take your time exploring our selection of luxurious jewellery – we think you’ll find something absolutely perfect for the occasion!

The Pateman family journey in the gemstone industry began in 1996 when we were visiting Australian friends who lived in Kandy, Sri Lanka.  At that point we were in our mid-twenties and knew nothing about gemstones. While on our first visit my friend wanted to bless us with a gift and gave us a small book describing the many varieties of precious gemstones and recounting their global history and universal appeal.  The book also described how 90% of Sri Lanka is potential gem bearing land.

We were inspired by the variety of gemstones, their preciousness, rarity, and beauty. On return to Australia we founded Beautiful Gems Jewellery and after doing some professional gemmology training we started importing sapphire and rubies for resale in Australia.

Fast forward to 2016 and we came to our 20th year in the industry. We are excited about the future of the industry and the future of our contribution to it. We greatly appreciate all the wonderful people who have been on the journey with us and although twenty+ years has passed super-fast, in many ways we feel as though we are just beginning our journey. We greatly appreciate all our long-term clients, and first-time customers, and we thank you for coming on this journey with us.

James in 1996Joanne in 1996

James (top-middle) at the Ranapura Gem Authority in 1996 (waistline was a bit thinner back then).  Joanne (in the red shirt and white shorts) inspecting one of the many open-cut gem mines in 1996.