Try-Before-You-Buy Replica Engagement Ring Service

Not sure what to do?

How about get a fully manufactured mockup of your ring made and sent to you before you commit to the real item!

How it works:

  • We’ll make you a fully manufactured mockup of your custom ring (in silver), using cz stones to represent the diamonds.
  • We’ll send it to you to make sure you’re fully happy with the item, and make any changes that you request.
  • This costs $330 for a standard ring, and a little more if there are many stones, because each one is hand-set.
  • If you’re happy, you send the mockup back to us and we deduct the $330 from the price of the real item.
  • You get to try it on, wear it for a week and get completely comfortable about ordering the real thing. 
  • Take full control of the materials and gemstones to get the look and price you want.
1ct diamond replica manufactured in Australia
Sydney Engagement Rings - Custom

Try Before You Buy – Replica Engagement Ring Service

  • If you have seen something you like but would like to try it on first, we can send you a silver replica sample of the ring you are interested in.
  • Our silver samples are exact replicas of the designs we offer, but made from silver and set with cubic zirconia stones (which are essentially diamond replicas).
  • We usually require a $200 fully refundable deposit (per ring), refunded to you upon safe return of the sample. Please email us for further details.

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