We Challenge You
To Find Better Value Than This!

Here is the Engagement Ring Challenge:

Pick any shopping center jewellery store in Australia – any of them; then do an apples-to-apples comparison of the same quality diamond (size, colour, clarity, etc) and we DARE YOU to find one of the same quality for a BETTER price. If you do; tell us about it (by sending us the URL) and we’ll give you a PRIZE!* (*See note below. Prize TBA)

We Challenge You To Find Better Value Than This!

Total Carat Weight (TDW): 1.0 Carat
Center Diamond Colour: I-Near Colourless
Center Diamond Clarity: I1-Slightly Included
Center Diamond Cut Grade: Good (as a minimum)
Center Diamond Polish Grade: Good (as a minimum)
Center Diamond Symmetry Grade: Good (as a minimum)
18 Karat White Gold- 4.7grams
Australian made
15 year Warranty Guarantee
GIA Certification Report

*Note: Solitaire stone only, no side-stones. Many retail chain shopping center jewellery stores (I’d love to insert their brand-name right here, but in fairness I’ll let you insert whatever one you choose) will display a carat range on their site (0.96-1.09) for example, or a colour range (H-I) for example. For this challenge, the size must be 1.0cts and the colour must be I, not a range of colours or clarity. Also, most of them do not go to the effort of showing the cut, polish, or symmetry grade. These details must be present on the URL you send us if you are trying to claim the prize. Same goes for being Australian made, warranty, gold content and weight (does not have be exactly 4.7grams, but it does have to be at least 4.7grams), and GIA certification information. Solitaire setting; no other diamonds to make up a total weight of 1ct, just the one stone only. Round stone (to keep things fair, and to make an apples-to-apples comparison easy) After all, the purpose of this challenge is for you to discover how our jewellery store is way-above the competition 🙂


We Challenge You To Find Better Value Than This!

If you love this special-offer but want a different colour or clarity diamond, then email us and we’ll see how good a deal we can offer you! Can’t be fairer than that.

Also available with your alternate choice of gold colour, center stone configurations, or other custom requests.