2 Carat Briolette Diamond. The beauty of 360 degree sparkle. Special.

One of the key differences to other diamond cuts comes from the 360-degree faceting around each diamond. Most diamond cuts feature a distinctive ‘underside,’ sometimes referred to as the pavilion. In contrast, Briolette diamonds display facets all around the tear-drop shape. For this reason, they make an excellent diamond for drop pendants setting styles.

Total Carat Weight: 2.01 Carat
Centre Diamond Colour: J (Defined by GIA as Near-Colourless)
Centre Diamond Clarity: VS1
Centre Diamond Cut: Oval Cut (approx 10.6mm by 5.1mm)
Center Diamond Certification Report: GIA-1288819517

It’s a bit rare for these stones to be available and it surprised us how difficult it was to find similar diamonds selling, either loose or set in pendants. We found this 10ct one which sold previously at Christies in 2010 for USD$110,500, but that’s a way larger stone than this 2ct version–>  https://www.christies.com/lot/lot-5425620

We also found this 4 Carat Briolette Diamond selling for CHF 42,000 –>  https://www.christies.com/lot/lot-4911451

And we found this 2.87ct U-V coloured Briolette Diamond offered by Sotherbys for US$12000 to US$15000 https://www.sothebys.com/en/buy/auction/2018/diamonds-online-capsule-collection-5/f557df43-0c03-41ac-a91c-c5e2e58f573c

And this one which Sold for GBP-11875 (about Aust$22,000) –> https://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions/ecatalogue/2013/fine-jewels-l13052/lot.50.html

We think it may be worth a bit more than $20K   😉